Wooden Police Truncheon UK – Where to Buy

By | June 9, 2021

Wooden police truncheon UK: If you’re looking for a wooden police-style truncheon of the classic design in the UK, you’ve found them!

You can’t buy a truncheon on Amazon.

You can’t buy a truncheon on Etsy.

You can’t buy a truncheon on eBay.

But you can buy them from us. Find out more >>here<<.

Nobody else that we are aware of sells these anymore.

Wooden police truncheon UK

Ours are brand new, made from oak with a leather lanyard.

Why new ones? 

Police forces stopped using traditional truncheons in 1994. The then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, on 17th May 1994 signalled the death of one of the enduring symbols of the British bobby – the truncheon.

That means any old ones are a minimum of about thirty years old. Which often means split, refinished badly or in otherwise poor condition.

Often the leather lanyards are missing or degraded.

Finding one in really nice condition can be a challenge.

People like them, and tend to hang on to them, so you don’t see so many for sale on private websites.

They crop up on the odd private auction site and usually do strong money when you factor in shipping, handling charges, VAT, etc.

So we decided to bring them back at a very reasonable price.

Brand new, made of oak, with a leather lanyard.

Buy a truncheon

These are exact copies of Leeds City Police issue items from the 1960s. A proper piece of British history.

The classic coppers’ truncheon for the discerning police memorabilia collector or enthusiast. In many countries (but not the UK) it is perfectly legal to use them for self-defence.

We offer next day DPD delivery in the UK and also worldwide delivery if you are overseas.

If you want to investigate the legalities of truncheons in the UK. What you can do with them, why people own them, can you get in trouble if you carry one, can you use one in self-defence etc., do have a read of the other articles on this site that cover not only the history of wooden police truncheons in the UK but the legalities as well.

To read the story of why we brought these to market and then go through to the online shop to buy one, click the button below to find out more.


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