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Straight Truncheons in Law: Understanding the Impact of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019

We recently received an inquiry regarding wooden batons and the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. This legislation came into effect on the 14th of July 2021. It brought about changes to the Criminal Justice Act 1988, a subject we’ve previously covered. Specifically, we were asked about Section 66, Part 4, Annex A – list of offensive… Read More »

The Allure of the Traditional British-Style Wooden Police Truncheon

The wooden police truncheon, often referred to as a “Bobby’s truncheon,” carries a rich history and multifaceted appeal that goes beyond its original function as a weapon. These traditional British-style truncheons, whether original or expertly reproduced, captivate the imaginations of collectors, theatre groups, and even police forces seeking retirement gifts for officers. In this article,… Read More »

Wooden Police Truncheons: A Nostalgic Symbol of Tradition and Heritage

In the realm of law enforcement, the British wooden police truncheon holds a unique place in history. Once a formidable tool used by British police officers to maintain law and order, these traditional batons have now become sought-after collectibles. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why people are drawn to these… Read More »

Why Do Police Truncheons Have a Leather Strap?

Why do police truncheons have a leather strap? Both modern and old police truncheons have a strap on. They’re called a lanyard. Some call them a retention strap or a wrist strap. On modern truncheons, they are often made of nylon, on proper old-style wooden truncheons they are usually leather. But why do police truncheons… Read More »

Wooden Truncheons and the Prevention of Crime Act 1953

In this article, we are going to look at wooden truncheons in the context of offensive weapons as described in the UK Prevention of Crime Act 1953 and see how they may be interpreted. As many other articles on the site explain, if one is trying to establish if wooden truncheons are offensive weapons, it… Read More »

Truncheon: End of the Road for the Truncheon (1994 Archive)

This article on the end of the police truncheon first appeared in the Independent on the 18th May 1994. Howard signals end of the road for truncheon: The Police Federation annual conference. The Home Secretary, Michael Howard, yesterday signalled the death of one of the enduring symbols of the British bobby – the truncheon. He… Read More »

Wooden Police Truncheon UK – Where to Buy

Wooden police truncheon UK: If you’re looking for a wooden police-style truncheon of the classic design in the UK, you’ve found them! You can’t buy a truncheon on Amazon. You can’t buy a truncheon on Etsy. You can’t buy a truncheon on eBay. But you can buy them from us. Find out more >>here<<. Nobody… Read More »

When Did the Police Stop Using Wooden Truncheons?

When did the police stop using wooden truncheons? This is one of those questions that some people hadn’t noticed that they don’t anymore. They also don’t wear the tall helmets anymore. Until the mid-1990s, British police officers carried traditional wooden truncheons of a sort that had changed little from Victorian times. Until the mid-1990s, most British police… Read More »

Can I Buy a Baton in the UK?

Can I buy a baton in the UK? This is another question that people often ask Google, and another question that the top result on Quora is misleading at first glance. We need to define the word baton in order to explain. The Collins Dictionary tells us it can be a “short heavy stick which is sometimes… Read More »